Annual Global Invitational Camp

Trax Sports Global Skills Invitational is a week of basketball, exposure, diplomacy and fun in Washington, DC. Trax Sports international athletes picked from Trax Sports international select camps, have the opportunity to learn and grow from this experience. Our mission at Trax Sports is Changing Lives Through Sports. Global Invitational helps accelerate the development of the athletes on the court, and provide experiences that will impact their lives off the court.

Summer Sports Enrichment Camps

Enrichment sports camps are designed to keep summer play fun, safe and in a structured environment. These camps are for students at our partnered schools. Each student has the opportunity to compete daily on a team. Camp also focuses on teaching student-athletes the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and being positive. The Summer Sports Enrichment Program is created to fit the needs of the school.

Premier Training Camp for Athletes - Trax Sports


Best Sports Company for Athletes - Trax SportsTrax Sports | Ricky Smith

Rick is the founder of Trax Sports, former Athletic Director and Coach. He brings a great deal of experience directing some of the most exciting camps. He travels around the world hosting unique camps and introducing players to new drills for all players at every level. Coach Smith has partnered and worked with athletic youth programs in the US and over eleven countries.​