Trax Sports “Kids Play” Recess Program

Our recess program is designed to keep recess a fun, safe and structured environment. Each student will have the opportunity to compete daily on a team. Our program is provided with trained athletic coaches to teach student-athletes the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and being positive while having fun. Kids play recess program is created to fit the needs of each school.

Trax Sports Leadership Academy

An after-school sports enrichment program with daily instructional sessions that focus on physical activity and life skills. 

Our programs provide a structure and safe environment that aims to create the total student-athlete. Each student has the opportunity to learn and improve socially and physically.

Trax Sports Parent/Staff Engagement Program

Trax Sports offers programs for parents/staff that emphasize the importance of teamwork, competitiveness and chemistry. All programs are tailored specifically for our clients to develop and live a healthy lifestyle!

Homeschool PhysEd

This 90-minute class  allows students to explore multiple sports in a fun  learning environment. This program is designed for students to be ACTIVE while learning about athletics and team sports. Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up and stretch. Next, we rotate through agility stations and drills. Units of study includes sport specific drills and games, including rules of the game, strategy and the fundamentals required to play. We also enjoy fun classic games like kickball, dodgeball, and capture the flag. Each student has the opportunity to learn and improve socially and physically.

Trax Sports Multi Sports Camps

Trax Sports Summer Camps offer a variety of activities to engage children of all ages and interests. Activities vary from week to week and are designed to be age appropriate.

Educators Elite Sports League

Intramural sports league for local school staff/educators, giving them the opportunity to compete, stay fit and build school morale among school staff/ colleagues.

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