We offer a fun, safe and structured environment for each student to have the opportunity to grow and succeed not only in sports, but in life.


“Our scholars and families have benefited tremendously from the work of Trax Sports! Teaching sportsmanship, character, and healthy lifestyles your team has created a true experience for our community.  We appreciate your dedication and commitment to making our after school and athletic program a success!!”


LeAngelo Emperator
Director of Community and Family Engagement,
DC Scholars Public Charter School

“It was a sincere pleasure to partner with Rick Smith and Trax Sports for I Dream Academy DC’s Dreamer Camp during spring break. Rick provided fun and engaging physical activities for our dreamers, ages 5-12. Rick taught the dreamers games that fostered teamwork and friendly competition. He was also super flexible and used any space we were allowed to use while sharing the
building with other camps.


The most impressive thing about working with Rick Smith was his engagement with the children. Rick developed relationships with even the most reluctant dreamer. He built their confidence by spending time with them outside of the activities to get to know each child. He wasn’t just a service provider. Rick joined our Dreamer Camp activities and quickly became a member of our community. We look forward to working with Rick Smith and Trax Sports in our future programs.”


Janine Gomez
Founding Member, I Dream Academy Public Charter School

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all the services you have provided our students, parents, and staff over the five years we have had this program. Over the years, your program has been one of the highlights that our parents still recall with such fondness. I will never forget our very first Olympic Sports Camp and the final competition, students who have graduated and moved on still come back asking whether we are still doing the program. Year after year, your team has exceeded our expectations and has taken our students to new heights and levels of understanding of what team spirit, motivation, goals settings, and good sportsmanship could look like on them. Please continue there are hundreds of programs out there that need you! Grateful for your commitment!”


Beatrice S. Rice,
Executive Director,
Rice Youth Development Corporations

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