3-Point Mentoring Program

Program Overview: Trax Sports’ 3-Point Mentoring is a mentoring program using basketball as a tool  to reach young males in South Africa ages 9-17. The program focuses on components such as Goal Setting, Positive Self-Esteem Building, Anger Reduction, Anger Management, Health/Fitness, Social and Life Skills to reach our mission to develop responsible strong young men and  reduce violence against women and children.

Location: The Wanderers Club, 21 North St. LLLOVO, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

Dec 4th, 2021 10:00am-13:00pm

   Complete the following three steps to be considered for the program.

  1. Complete the Mentee Application and have your parents complete the Parental Consent Form.

  2. Email a 1 page essay to info@traxsports.com, explaining why you should be selected to be participant. 

  3. Use WeTransfer.com to upload a video showcasing your basketball skills. Send the uploaded video to info@traxsports.com through WeTransfer.com – There is a 2GB Size Limit.


Download Print Version: